Trials, Doubt and Humility

I’ll admit I have a tendency to over analyze things. At times my God given mind can seem more as a curse than a blessing. I do believe that God wants us to use our minds and he wants us to think. He does not want thoughtless blind followers. He wants eager to learn, thinking disciples. As a young boy I would always question things. I was also very shy and timid so instead of being the boy always asking “why?” I was the boy always trying to figure out why through my own thoughts.

We often go through trials in life and as a Christian I have always been told the advice to think about what God could be teaching you from it. I have many spiritual highs and lows and see this process itself as a trial. From the low points I have realized one thing—I need Him. From the lows I realize my full dependence on Jesus. He walked this earth as a man and faced all the trials and issues that we do as humans. It is He that can help me through the low points. Through my doubts I realize a true humility that I have not had before. When I start to think I have figured it all out, God as a loving Father smacks me on the head and says: “Boy you don’t know diddly squat!” He teaches me to go to Him with my questions rather than trying to figure them out on my own. He is the only giver of true wisdom.

We come to many bumps in the road of life. This is just the way life is. If it were any other way would we ever learn anything? If it were a smooth, unquestioned journey wouldn’t that journey be boring and unfulfilling? As much as we would like it to be an easy straight and narrow path we often hit a fork in the road where we have to make decisions. These decisions obviously lead us to where we end up in the end. I decide to follow Him. Even through the trials, tribulations, doubts and questions I decide to follow Him and with complete dependence knowing I cannot do this without Him. Without you Lord I am nothing.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Prov 9:10)

-I Want To Believe In God [dot com]

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