He Speaks!

The voice of The LORD is everywhere and He is not silent!
Oh that men would awaken to hear the voice of the LORD,
The living God that lives in us!
Hear Him!  See Him!  Listen to Him!
I pray awakening in you now as you read this.
The LORD speaks and He says: 

“Love the LORD your God as I have loved you!

Come as you are all you sinners,

Come as you are weak at heart,

Come to Me the LORD for I will make you whole again,

I will bring you peace,

I will restore your health and I will give you hope, for I love you more than you can ever understand!” 

Revival! Revival! Revival!

We are truly in a new season! God has begun a new work in the world.  The time has come to repent and get right with the LORD. Yes, the time has come for truth to set you free.

Escuchar la voz de Dios!

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