I Choose God!

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. –Matthew 6:24

Today this verse convicts me.  It is a realization that God does not barter.  We must choose if we will be slaves to Christ or slaves to the world.  I have struggled with alcoholism in the past.  When I dedicated my life to the Lord I went sober.  I stayed sober for quite some time but after a while I started lying to myself.  I would say, “One drink with dinner is ok.”  Or “Just drinking on special occasions is ok.” “Jesus drank wine.”  The problem with me is not that having one drink is some type of unpardonable sin, it’s that with myself I cannot just have one drink.  One drink always turns into more and more turns into drunkenness.  One drink is over the line for me.  One drink and I start serving alcohol instead of God.  I hate that our culture is so overly obsessed with social drinking.  I often wish alcohol did not exist.  Everywhere I go there is temptation.  Every corner I turn there is an ad for alcohol.  Two days ago I relapsed bad, so today I confess my sin and humbly ask for prayer and support from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit’s conviction of this and the strength to move forward.  I thank God His mercies are new every morning and I know I’m already forgiven.  I thank God that Romans 8:28 is still in the Bible, and I thank God there is enough grace to cover all of my mistakes.  Today I look forward to the future of walking with Christ in sobriety.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. -1 Peter 5:8

You cannot serve God and alcohol.



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4 thoughts on “I Choose God!

  1. admin

    Justin, your honesty is refreshing. We all struggle with areas in our lives. If we didn’t we would not need a Savior. We overcome by the word of our testimony, the power of the blood and letting our lives go even to death. You are an overcomer!

  2. God's Soldier

    It is so refreshing to see that Christians admit their need of our Lord and Savior by admitting their weaknesses! We all have them, the enemy knows them by name, and as we surrender them to the foot of the cross, it is done! The enemy loses control and we become free from the bondage! Some misinformed people believe, or were taught, that once you become a born again Christian, you become perfect. Not so! It’s just that our sins are covered by the Blood, washed away, and forgiven. When a Christian sins, falls or stumbles, it becomes fodder for their delight. I understand they don’t know the Lord as their Savior and I pray every day for those who don’t, to be called into the Kingdom. We all struggle with something and by bringing it to the table for discussion and a lesson, is the way to show the world how to overcome with the LORD! Keep up the good work!

  3. nopew

    Flirt with trouble and guess who loses? I don’t think I’m a prude, but I don’t smoke, drink, party or dance. These are my choices and not the basis to condemn others. But Paul said if some behaviour or action causes another Child of God to fall, he vowed not to do it when it could lead to such trouble. You encourage me to continue to walk the high road, to resist those many voices which say, “Just a little won’t hurt”. May I actually be able to say, like Paul, “Practice what you’ve learned and received from me, what you heard and saw me do. Then the God who gives this peace will be with you” (Phil 4:9 GW). Grace and peace to you!


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