Christian Blog List

There are so many great faith bloggers on that it can be overwhelming and easy for many of them to slip through the cracks going unnoticed.

Here’s a list I’ve compiled of some of the Christian blogs I’ve come across that I’ve enjoyed reading. What are your favorites? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or a link to your Christian blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Art, Education and Jesus –

The Beausejour Pulpit –

Beauty In The Broken –

Believe Today! –

Bible Verse a Day –

The Blessed Ewe – – About

By the Blood of the Lamb –

Celebrate Recovery –

A Christian Journey of Overcoming –

Christian Meditation –

Evangelist Ministry –

Faith Seeking Explosions –

For His Glory –

Frank’s Cottage – – About

God Wrestler –

Heart Murmurs –

Holy Spirit Activism –

Inspire Hope –

Jesus Boot Camp –

Jesus is Healing Today –

John Grandy’s Blog –

Keltonburg Preacher –

Key to the Kingdom –

Life by the Spirit –

Life of a Female Bible Warrior –

Media 4 Life Ministries –

Missional Thinking While Following Jesus –

Morrisonsdm –

Mustard Seed Budget –

Mybroom –

New Jerusalem –

No Apologies Allowed –

Of Dust and Kings –

Parade of Miracles –

Pure Glory –

The Quotable Christian –

Reasons for the Hope –

Reclamation 316 –

A Revivalist’s Heart –

Sharpword’s Blog –

Side by Side –

Simple Faith –

Small Thoughts Big God –

Soul Refuge –

Take Two –

Testimonies of Praise Community Church –

Thinking Kingdom –

Tim Stafford’s Blog –

To Give You Hope –

The Tousled Apostle –

Under the Cover of Prayer –

View Outside the Pew –

The Way Everlasting –

Working for Christ –

63 thoughts on “Christian Blog List

  1. robin claire

    I’m following the “To Give You Hope” blog. Just wanted you to know that your blog list is really doing me some good. I’ve been going down it and looking at each one of them. Thanks again for taking so much time to do this Justin. Robin Claire

  2. Steven Sawyer

    WOW! What a wonderful resource for good Christian blog reading. Thank you so much for the hard work it took to compile this. I will certainly be blessed by this. God bless you and thank you again.

  3. "Working for Christ"

    Thank you so much for mentioning “Working for Christ”. I am enjoying your blog tremendously. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Justin Post author

      Hey there. Thanks for stopping by here as well. Sure I will add your blog to the list. I just recently found your blog and enjoyed the post I read. Keep up the good work.

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  5. dylanraines

    Awesome! I love lists. I would be honored if you check out my blog, mission, and ministry and perhaps consider it for future lists 🙂

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  7. RobynG

    Justin, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “Which Path?” I’m so glad I found your blog through your visit to my site. What a fabulous list you have of Christian blogs. Very informative and I’m thrilled to know there are so many Christians out there witnessing through written words. Blessings, Robyn

    1. Justin Post author

      I’m so glad you found the list useful Robyn. There’s some great blogs on there. Btw you take very nice pictures. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  8. Zak Schmoll

    Hey man,
    This is a great list! I especially like the one that you put entitled a Bible Verse a Day. I am working on a blog right now with a very similar focus called A Chapter per Day. It is going to take me about four years I believe, and I have been doing that for one year.

    Anyway, nice job on this!


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