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Cindy Powell

Excerpt from Chapter 13 – That All of Them May be One

Two Sides, Same Coin

In the spirit, I saw a coin spinning on its axis.  As I watched it spin and spin and spin, I heard the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart:

Two sides, same coin.   

I had been seeking the Lord for understanding. I was confused. It seemed like every time I turned around, men and women of God—sincere lovers of Jesus whom I greatly loved and respected—were contradicting each other with their views. Issues that had once seemed black and white were suddenly cloaked in gray. I wanted truth! One would speak with passion and authority on a particular issue and there would be a powerful witness of the Spirit on the words spoken. Then another would speak—with a diametrically opposed view of the very same issue—and again there would be a powerful witness of the Spirit.

How was…

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