Loving Your Enemies

Sadly many in our nation are falling to the path of godless men.  Most likely you all know at least one person who has publicly spoken hatred towards God.  They will tell you Christianity corrupts society and be quick to point out every mistake that has ever been made by Christians.  They will say that Christians are ignorant bigots who deny equal rights and that we do away with all reason and logic.  They will say that we are deceived fools.

They will discredit the miracles and healings done in the church.  They will discredit the marriages restored and the addictions broken.  Some will even discredit the fact that Jesus ever existed.  They will feed you one conspiracy theory after the next.  They will discredit any greater purpose or meaning of life other than to reproduce.  They will say life is all an accident with no cause behind it and we are simply evolved animals.

They will in fact try to steal your hope.

Their exact reasons and motives tend to vary but I think one thing is clear—we as Christians have been misunderstood too many times because we have failed to show love.  We ourselves have often pushed Christ aside and acted in hatred showing judgmental condemning attitudes to others who do not agree with us.  It is time to stand for the true love of Christ.

I have seen one argument after the next online and it really saddens me.  I would encourage you the next time a God hating person comments on your social network page instead of hastily getting into an argument, first stop and pray hard.  Ask God to overcome you with His love for this person.  Ask Him to overcome them with His love.  Then simply reply back and tell them you love them.  Tell them that nothing they have ever said about Jesus changes His amazing unconditional love for them, and say you are praying for them.  Leave it at that!  They may probe you and say hateful things about the God you love.  They may persecute you and call you hurtful names.  They will try to fuel your anger.  They will want you to reply with the same hopeless attitude that they show.  But do not.  Stand for the love of Christ by showing love not hatred.

Did they do any less to our Lord Jesus?

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. –Matthew 5:10

But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. –Matthew 5:44

14 thoughts on “Loving Your Enemies

  1. robin claire

    Hi Justin, Love you.
    Did you know I used to be an Atheist? I have enter into dialogues with other Atheist bloggers and this has proved to be very interesting. I get asked very hard questions. Pointed questions designed to stir me up inside. But I am not stirred. I have God’s love strong in me. Very, Very strong. His love is stronger than any stick-poking a non-believer can do to me. So it’s very interesting to get these hard questions. What is happening is that I’m being forced to study my faith much harder than if I stayed in a soft-cocooned Christian bubble – and I find the studying to be fascinating!!

    1. Justin Post author

      Hi Robin,
      Love you too. It’s great to test our faith and look into the hard questions. I never claimed atheism but was more of an agnostic in the past. With me atheism was too bold to say “what we see is it.” I had too many spiritual experiences as a kid to every be an honest atheist. God bless 🙂

  2. dylanraines

    Every person, Christian or not, who speaks hatred is in actuality speaking hatred toward God. God’s love is not something of an intellectual nature, it is Spirit, which is often opposite of what we intellectually think with our natural mind. I’ve actually had more experience with Christians who speak hatred towards me (and I’m a minister and missionary) and try to draw me into judgment and old testament mentalities; than I have non-Christians. I met many non-Christians who certainly understood kindness, joy, and love, but the word “God” had been so demoralized from their upbringing that that name was what they wanted nothing to do with. But when they are met with who God truly is, a being that is called “Love” itself, we come into awareness that God is the love there actually is, which changes our hearts, minds, and lives.

  3. Freedomborn

    Hi again Justin thank you for the pingback, it’s very much appreciated and so was your message, Loving those who call us their enemy is very important and so is sharing God’s Truth in Love, even if it is rejected, it is not us only they are rejecting but God’s Word.

    I Ministered to Atheists and was one myself for nearly 30 years at least in my head but not my heart. Thankfully God rescued me from the deception and lies 30 years ago that had caused me to believe He was not real….Wow have you ever created a dog or a cat etc, no one has ever been able to create viable life from nothing, even after many years of trying and they have never found the missing links, anyway look at our belly buttons, no animal has the same. Truth only worries us when we are in error but it is not Love to watch someone in danger or decived and not warn them.

    Thanks again Justin I look forward to sharing again with you soon.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  4. Freedomborn

    Hi Justin, just in case you don’t find my Comments, thank you for the pingback and your message, to share a bit from them, it is very important to Love those who concider us their enemies as you said if we hold resentment it only hurts us. Truth only causes concern when we are in error but it is not Love not to warn someone if they are deceived or in danger because of their sin.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne


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