Don’t worry, I got you!

open heavens

The other night I was praying and seeking the Lord’s will on two specific things.  He showed me a vision of myself looking through a small tube and then it changed to a door peephole.  He said, “I will open and close the doors.”  What this vision meant is that I see things through a limited perspective, while He sees things through an eternal, omniscient perspective.  In a way He was saying, “You can trust me and I will speak through your circumstances.”  Immediately I had revelation on one of the issues.  Then the very next morning I woke up and had a text message that confirmed an open door for the other.

I can’t help but think, “If only He would speak this loudly in response to all the questions I ask Him; life would be so much easier.”  I’ve found that at some points God can be quiet, but have confidence that He will speak when He needs to.  He also speaks much more clearly when we are in a state of rest and stillness.  Actually, I think it’s more correct to say we hear Him much more clearly when we are in a state of rest and stillness.  I’ve been seeking His will on these things for a couple weeks now, and Satan had really been getting me distracted and worried about stuff that I didn’t need to be thinking about.  The negative, downward spiral thinking of my past was creeping back in, but I took notice of it and purposed my thoughts back on Christ (see 2 Cor 10:5).  As soon as I got my head straight and out of that mess I heard from God.

Let this be a testimony that God is in control of whatever situation you are worrying about right now.  You really don’t have to worry and I speak encouragement to you now in Jesus name.   Take those thoughts captive and turn them into praise!

God is saying, “Don’t worry, I got you!”

2 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I got you!

  1. nopew

    Your teaching through personal testimony speaks loudly. I am drawn to emphasize your point, that it may not be so much that God falls silent as our hearing gets turned low, gets crowded out or focussed on other stuff. “The heavens declare the glory of God” suggests Godly dialogue is rarely, if ever, cut off from the heavenly end of the line. Many good blessings to you.

  2. Justin Post author

    Good point David. I agree, the glory of the Lord can be seen all over through what has been made. I love the next verse in Psalm 19 that says, “Day unto day utters speech”.


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