Only Truth

Redding Oak Tree

Oh Lord, what is it that keeps me from you?

My spirit is in distress and cries out for you.

I am desperate for your truth and for your presence.

There are too many things that burden me to carry them alone.  Please take these off of my load.

I get anxious in my search for you because I sense there is more, but it seems so hard to tap into the deeper realms of the Spirit.  You promise if I search I will find you.  How much longer must I wait?  How long must I search?

You have come before and blessed me but now you seem so distant.  My memory is fading.  I don’t know what to do when I can’t see you.   I cannot live off my past encounters.  Just as a child is not satisfied with one show of affection from their mother, I am not satisfied with only the remembrance of your presence.  You are alive, living and breathing as I am made in your image.  I desire alive, living and breathing communion, friendship and companionship, perfect love.

I can’t do this alone.  So again tonight I go to sleep waiting, in expectation and hope to glimpse your face and catch a word of your voice.

I will stay positive and meditate on those things that are lovely, noble, just and true.

I know you will come again so I will wait patiently as a boy waiting for his father to come home.

Only truth… only the Truth will set me free!

13 thoughts on “Only Truth

  1. nopew

    Sometimes we look for a picture and find a sound. Sometime we look for a sound and get a sense. Sometimes we look for a sense and get a word. Sometimes we look for a word and find a friend at the door. Sometimes we look for the door but see only a window. Sometimes we look out of the window for what we need, and then turn and find it beside us. Seek, and you will find. The timing and the method, that is beyond my knowledge. Comfort to all who seek, friend.

  2. lenwilliamscarver

    Beautiful cry to our Lord, and nopew stated it most eloquently as well. Yet, I like you have this same plea to our Lord and Master, I can not find my over abundance of fire, joy and hunger I once had as a knew Christian …and I want my joy back.! thank you for sharing it is good to know I am not alone in my quest.

    1. Justin Post author

      I think many have this cry for more of Him Len. I believe it’s part of our hope. We know there is more. It’s finding joy in waiting that is the secret.. I think the key is learning to praise through the good and the bad, the strong and the weak. So much easier said than done. Bless you! 🙂

  3. Freedomborn

    Hi Justin, I’m not sure when you wrote this message or what you were going through, perhaps you were worried about somthing, and even though our emotions are God given they can be influensed by what we do such as not getting enough sleep or proper food, remember Elijah he wanted to die but after rest and food he was no longer depressed and God reasurred Him he was not alone.

    You are a Child of God Justin and you are never alone, it’s only when people hold onto sin, that God can’t fellowship with them He only sees them from afare, that is why King David asked God to create in him a purej heart.

    Do you have a very close friend Jusin, I’m sure if you do, you talk to him or her freely sharing all your ups and downs, highs and lows, God wants us to be free in our Spirit enough to share our hearts with Him, our Joys and our heartache, nobody Loves us more than He does. God gave me the Scripture below Justin when I needed it most, I hope it comforts you too.

    Isaiah 43:1-3 – Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour.”

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    1. Justin Post author

      Thank you Anne! That is a great comforting scripture. I was tired when I wrote that and needed sleep. Praise the Lord for rest! I know He hasn’t left me and I still hear His voice in many ways but I just hunger for the deep presence encounters like I’ve had in the past. I trust that God knows what is best for my development and will come in His timing.

      On a side note I just recently learned that Anne basically means “favored one of God” in Hebrew. Did you know that? What an awesome name you have! 🙂

  4. Cindy Powell

    “The more I seek you, the more I find you. The more I find you, the more I love you …” It’s good to be hungry – He always feeds hungry hearts. The when and how is a mystery (as No Pew pointed out and as I know you are already learning) but He ALWAYS feeds hungry hearts. That’s why I have come to.look at that familiar ache as a good thing – a very good thing. The danger is in being satisfied with too little, not in longing for more. Love you.

  5. bowood1970

    The Lord has not left you, he is by yourside. In the word God and in your heat. He sees and hears you. Wait on him and he will answer. David had to encourage himself and he prevailed. So will you. There is victory in the blood of Jesus.

    1. Justin Post author

      Thank you for your encouraging comment. I love the Psalms where David is crying out to the Lord. That was basically my inspiration for this post. I can very much relate to how David felt when he wrote many of the Psalms.


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