Why ask why?

Sometimes I feel like all I do is ask “why?” 

And then I wonder, “Why is that?”

And then I say, “Why can’t I give up the need to ask why?”

Then finally, I realize I am right back where I started, and so the circle starts again.

5 thoughts on “Why ask why?

  1. Don

    Last week we finished a study on the first two chapters of Genesis. It answers the biggest “why”? – why are we here? Most of the smaller “whys” seem to fall into place under this big “why”. In 1:26 is an answer – we are created with God’s image and given His dominion. The image is to express Him and the dominion is to represent Him. Genesis 2 continues with “how”? – the tree of life is a picture of Christ being life to us. When He is our life and living, we express Him.

  2. betsyborchardt

    Asking why. God certainly made us with inquisitive minds that want to figure things out, whether it be how things work or why particular events happen. Your post triggered my awareness tnat He created us to ask, search, then seek Him out to satisfy a basic need to have a close relationship with Him.

    1. Justin Post author

      thanks for the comment Betsy. I agree. I think asking why is definitely a part of being human and a big part of what drives my search for God, but I also feel that sometimes I get too obsessed with the why questions and miss what is right in front of me – the simple beauties of life which reflect God.


    You are correct in the fact that ” why ” is a circle because why can always be answered with why. The questions to answer in a good report or about any topic are ” who; what; when; where; and how. Answer all five of these with facts and all the information necessary will be clear.
    God Bless


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