Doubt: The Pesky Mosquito

A great post on repelling our doubts with God’s faithful word!

Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries

mosquitoMosquitoes are pesky and bothersome.  They know how to ruin a good party by landing on your food or in your drink during a summer backyard BBQ.  They make a conversation difficult as you spend most of your time focused on swatting, dodging, or spraying away the small annoyances.  Not to mention, if you are the unlucky one that it scopes out and lands on, you can expect to see a tiny red bump that will leave you scratching for days, or worse, a longer lasting disease from their nasty bacteria.

Doubts are much like mosquitoes.  If you let them swarm around, they will pester you.  If you let them land, they will eventually bite, leaving you wounded.  They will invade your thoughts, words, and actions leaving lasting effects that can cause anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. Between the two, I would rather fight off a mosquito.

No matter…

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