New Wine of the Spirit – Introduction

For the past 44 days (July 22nd – Sept 4th 2014) I have been in a rehabilitation treatment center for alcohol.  I am now home and my heart is overflowing with a new hope, peace and gratitude.  This is the launch of a blog series where I will post daily my different journal entries I wrote while there.  In them I talk about whatever God was teaching or showing me and the different encounters I had with Him.

I will update this page with links to past posts so that any new readers may go back and read previous entries if desired.  I invite you to follow along with my journey to sobriety in a story of God’s grace and deliverance.


 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. -Ephesians 5:18 

6 thoughts on “New Wine of the Spirit – Introduction

  1. nopew

    This is outside any experience I have had, but I pray for victory that will lead you to witness for Christ with a new and daily filling of the Spirit, and a fresh sense of the joy of God’s salvation.


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