Nothing Separates You

God is Love and nothing separates us from Him. Nothing separates you from the Love of God. Dying does not separate you, and neither does living. There is nothing on this earth that can separate you.

No angels, principalities or powers can separate you. The demonic cannot separate you. Darkness will lie to you and make you think you are separated from Love but it is an illusion meant to entrap you. You cannot be separated.

Nothing from the past, the present or the future can separate you. Nothing!

No height, nor depth or any created thing can separate you. Embrace the Love of God today, it’s not going anywhere. He does, He always has and always will eternally Love you.

I pray that you experience the Love He wants to show you and the Love He wants you to feel. Without a Love encounter these are just words and words cannot efficiently describe His Love for you. Ask Him that you may experience it. The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to you. The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirits that we are children of God. (See Romans 8)

7 thoughts on “Nothing Separates You

  1. nopew

    And still people replace pure love with doctrine, authority, power, success, winning, money…
    May your words push/pull people back to love, for GOD IS LOVE!


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