Why did Jesus come?

I’ve often heard the gospel constricted or depleted down to only being a gospel of sin management.  Sadly this keeps many believers from entering into all that God has for them.  Yes, Adam sinned and man fell away from right standing with God and so something had to be done to save the world.  God knew all along that man would sin.  Jesus was not his plan B, He was the plan from the get go.  He has always been the only plan.  God is appalled by sin because it is harmful to those that He loves—us.  Purely out of love He sent His son Jesus to redeem humanity.  This was not to satisfy His anger and wrath but it was compelled by His pure love.  He wanted to be with us and with sin in the way that couldn’t happen until we were redeemed.

So why did He do it?

Compelled by love with the purpose of redemption He came for the result of being in union with you.  He came for the result.  The veil has been torn, the door has been opened and the invitation has been sent out.  Now all that’s left is a response from us.  We respond through faith.  This is what we give God in return.  Through faith we stop hanging around in the outer court and go boldly into the holy of holies.  This is why He came—to be with you and for you to be with Him.  So this Christmas stop calling yourself unworthy and give God the gift of your faith.  Go boldly before the throne of grace and simply enjoy the presence of His love for you.

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