The Best Benefits Package

It’s not always easy following the Lord, but it’s always worth it. We are all called to full-time ministry no matter what your vocation may be. We are called to love like Jesus did and to be His hands and feet. Sometimes this means doing the exact opposite of what society seems to be doing around us. This can be a hard job, we face trials, tribulations, persecution and spiritual warfare, but it is always worth it. Our job comes with the best benefits package known to man and in this I rejoice!

I hear people talking about how it’s hard to be a Christian and a struggle, but honestly it’s not hard when we have heaven’s perspective. It’s only hard when we look at things from the world’s perspective. His glory far outweighs anything we may face in this life. Knowing Him makes my life complete and gives me a fulfillment that I can’t find anywhere else. This is why Paul was able to write encouraging letters like Philippians while in chains and it is for this reason that James said to rejoice in every trial.

Blessed be the Lord who preserves the righteous! This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!

2 thoughts on “The Best Benefits Package

  1. BJ

    It is easy to continue serving Him when we have had the view/perspective from the mountaintop. It isn’t so easy in the drudgery of walking out our everyday life. I need frequent reminders which is why it is so important to climb that mountain of prayer every day.

    1. Justin Post author

      Yeah, great point BJ. I cant see from heaven’s perspective if Im not spending time with the One who gives me that perspective.


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