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God in Nature

 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made… -Romans 1:20

This picture above is of a praying mantis that has been showing up on my deck more than once.  He’s pretty neat looking isn’t he? I suppose some would say it’s creepy looking but I think he’s pretty amazing.  This insect is just a reminder of how creative God is.  There’s so much life all around us.  I’ve been taking a lot of walks lately on some nature trails around where I live.  There’s something about getting out in nature and being among God’s creation.  It’s glorious!

If you haven’t noticed I like to take pictures of the sky and nature.  Most of the pictures I post on here are from when I am out in the middle of my daily routine.  Amidst your busy day today take a second to stop and enjoy all the beauty of life around you.  Go on a walk, stare at a sunset or smell some flowers.  Take a deep breath and feel His presence with you.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. –Psalm 19:1

Do You See Him?

Do you see Him?
The stars declaring an endless glory
The rays of light streaming through the clouds from the sun
A rainbow after a storm
A full moon at night before morning is born

 Do you hear Him?
The wind rustling by
Birds chirping singing a song of praise
The stillness in the night
The crumple of a tree branch and leaves falling in flight 

Do you feel Him?
A presence overwhelming
A feeling of belonging and knowing you are home
A touch to your heart that no one else can reach
A restoration of connection to an undeserved grace 

Do you know Him?
For He knows you
The soft voice from within saying,
“I love you, I hear you and I’ll never let go”