The Key to His Heart

After years of serving Jesus, praying and writing my mom (Cindy Powell) has published her first book!  It is called “The Key to His Heart” and the title pretty much sums it up.  This book was a great blessing for me to read and I’m sure it will be to many others as well.

Book Description:

“That they may be one.” Could this be the deepest cry of God’s heart? From the beginning, could this be the dream he’s had in mind? That his bride will be one? In this candid, devotional exploration of Jesus’ own prayer in John 17, you’ll be challenged and touched by a fresh glimpse of the yearning in God’s heart for his long awaited bride. Like John “the disciple Jesus loved,” come and lean your head on Jesus’ chest to hear the heartbeat of heaven in a way you never have before. Although each chapter and section builds upon the previous one–leading toward the ultimate climax of all history–each chapter can also be enjoyed individually, as it stands on its own. Written with refreshing transparency and simplicity, you’ll share the joys and struggles of one woman’s quest to truly know the deep places of God’s heart. Wherever you are on your own journey, you’ll discover more about who you are, whose you are–and how Jesus would have you respond. So come and lean into the heart of the One you were created to know. Along the way, your spirit will be stirred and your heart awakened, as you gain a greater revelation of the love and longing of our glorious Bridegroom King!

Here’s a review I wrote for it:

As we grow closer to the Lord our desires change and we start to want what He wants.  This book is not written by selfish ambition at all, but instead written to guide us into the heart of Jesus and what He wants from us personally and corporately.  It helped me understand more of the paradox of being so small in God’s eternal plan, but yet so important, loved and favored in His eyes at the same time.  As the author shared her personal stories of experiences and revelations with Jesus I gained a desire in my heart to seek the Lord in a more personal way than ever before. Recommended for those who will not settle for mere religion in their Christian walk but are after a true interactive divine relationship. This book brought me closer to the heart of God and I pray it will do the same for you.

The book is available in paper back ($9.95) and Kindle version (only $2.99).  Here are links to both versions to find out more info or purchase:

  • Paperback copy on Amazon  ($9.95)– click here.
  • Kindle version ($2.99 or free to “borrow” for Amazon Prime members)–click here

You can also check out my mom’s blog called Simple Faith @

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